How to Master Every Part of Your Digital Marketing Process

Digital marketing is not a cut and dry process, but to get the full amount of attention you want from potential customers online, it’s critical to make sure you’re taking care of your business on every level. While there are many specialists who claim results from one course of action or perhaps another, the truth is that many of the most successful businesses know that it takes a variety of different Internet marketing techniques working together in coordination to get the best short and long-term results.

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
While SEO is definitely a long-term game, it’s one that every business will benefit from taking seriously. Whether it’s Google, Yahoo, or Bing, search engines are always going to need a way to put some great websites above the not so great results.

Good SEO concentrates on how well designed the website is (see SEO web design), how well setup the site is, and also looks at building authority and getting quality attention from big names in the industry over time.

A successful SEO company can put you in the top three results of business related keywords, and these positions not only get the overwhelming majority of all traffic now, but having high rankings means that you will continue to benefit from people finding you in the search engines again and again as long as you keep those top spots.

While it might not be sexy or immediate: long term SEO is outstanding and needs to be the backbone of any long term online marketing plan.

2) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing is one of the perfect compliments to SEO and it is SEM that can get a new business up and running fast. SEM is a general umbrella term that includes Pay Per Click as well as display ads or other similar advertising buys to get attention to you and your products online.

PPC offers a business the ability to put their ads ahead of the organic results, and so that is a fantastic way to get attention from customers or clients looking for your goods or services right now while your SEO begins taking effect to build up over the long term.

3) Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is the process of using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other “social media” websites to put your brand forward. This is often a two part process. The first part is having an active and attractive account that gets a lot of attention in and of itself.

The second step is using actual advertising on these sites to drive even more attention to your profiles, and as a result eventually more people will know about your business and your brand. Over 50% of people online are socially active, making it a critical area to advertise in if you want to get good results.

Use these three techniques together and there really is no limit to what your online marketing can accomplish for you and your business.

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