Best tricks for desktop customization

If you one of those tech-savvy freaks or a gamer, you always like to spend most of your time glued to your computer. It’s better to make your desktop even better and prettier so that you can like it more. For these reasons, here we present you with best tips and ways to customize every part of your desktop. It has nothing to do with the type of operating system that you use.

  1. Make a great collection of lovely and bright wallpapers and screensavers: Are you still using the old default wallpaper that comes with your brand new computer? Well, it’s time to switch. There are so many different and wonderful websites out there especially for wallpapers. You can download some great wallpaper from these sites as per your choice and interest. You can even enhance these wallpapers and make it even more attractive using some of the techniques like Photoshop and editing. You can also download wallpapers of your favorite celeb or any motivational quote or phrases that you like. They can be very productive and motivational for you as well.
  2. Go for a custom dock: You can install a functional dock from any website that you like and make your desktop even more attractive and pretty. You can also customize your dock using DockMod, if you are using OS X.
  3. Modify your desktop icons: If you have set up different and beautiful wallpaper, your default ugly icons will spoil the whole look. You can change the icons and provide it a different and customized outlook. It’s very easy to change these icons of your system both for operating system of windows as well as OS X.
  4. Keep your desktop clean: This is actually one of the most important and clever methods to customize your desktop. If your desktop is thoroughly covered with icons that have no use, the customization is not of any use. You must learn to organize your desktop and keep it clutter free as much as possible. Keep only those icons on your desktop which you probably used most of the time or in most part of the day. If you organize your desktop, it will make it very attractive and give a clear appearance to your wallpaper as well. If your desktop is covered with so many icons, you will find it very difficult to search the most important ones from the bunch of mess.
  5. Add some effects and install new themes: You can add animations to your desktop as they are simply awesome to look at and makes your desktop so cool. You can add great features too along with animation like screen rotation while you go through different screens and pages. You can assign different colors to different drives that will make it very enhancing to operate and keep you entertained. Customized themes are the best alternative in these cases as it gives a fresh feel to all the parts of your computer, including the desktop, drives as well as the icons.



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